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The programme not only includes medical services but also flights, accommodation at a four-star hotel and 24-hour concierge services.

Facial volumetry

A non-surgical treatment modelling the oval of the face, involving point injections of hyaluronic acid.

This completely safe substance, which naturally occurs in the human body, fills sunken and saggy skin fragments. In contrast to surgical facial modelling, this procedure is non-invasive and isn’t associated with a long recovery period.

Facial volumetry lifts the facial oval lines and restores the lost volume and density of the skin. The procedure is painless and the resulting mild redness and swelling resolve within a matter of two to three days.


Lip lifting procedure

Lip-correction is performed using hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally occurring in and metabolised by the body, making this procedure completely safe. The filler preparation increases the volume of the lips, improves their shape, lifts angles of the mouth, and gets rid of surrounding wrinkles.

The lift is painless and does not require you giving up your everyday activities. Our experienced doctors see to it that the outcome is both the as natural-looking as possible and that the patient is satisfied.


Aesthetic dentistry

Thanks to aesthetic dentistry treatments, patients can enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth, and a beaming smile. To achieve this, we offer scaling and sandblasting treatments, which remove tartar and restore the natural colour of your teeth.

We then seal the enamel surface using a special fluoride-containing preparation, which strengthens your teeth and prevents dental caries. Because the sealant is transparent, it does not change the colour of your teeth. It is also safe.

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