Total thyroidectomy

In the case of advanced lesions of the thyroid, complete removal of this organ is often the only reasonable treatment option. This stops the progression of the disease and protects the patient from death.

Total thyroidectomy is performed only in the most-advanced form of the disease, especially in the presence of extensive tumours. The procedure involves making an incision in the lower part of the neck and cutting the whole thyroid gland out with a scalpel. The surgical wound heals quickly and is less susceptible to infection. The operation should be performed by an experienced surgeon, because the thyroid is adjacent to the nerves that supply the vocal cords, which can be easily damaged.

What are the indications for total thyroidectomy?

- tumours of the thyroid
- goitre in Hashimoto’s disease
- recurrent goitre
- nodular goitre
- Graves’ disease

What are the benefits of total thyroidectomy?

Total thyroidectomy is a life-saving surgery. In most cases, it is the only way to protect the patient from dangerous consequences of thyroid disease.

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