Treatment of pterygium

Pterygium is a triangular thickening of the conjunctiva developing in the corner of the eye between the eyelids, which, as the Latin name suggests, resembles a wing. Treatment can effectively eliminate both the disease and the accompanying symptoms.

Management of pterygium depends on the severity of the condition. If a pterygium exhibits redness and signs or irritation, ointments or eye drops are applied that helps eliminate the inflammation. If the pterygium is very large, surgery may be necessary, especially if it causes problems with vision or is very unsightly.

What symptoms may indicate the need for treatment of pterygium?

- ocular redness and irritation
- blurred vision
- a burning sensation
- itching

What are the benefits of treatment of pterygium?

On the one hand, elimination of the disease restores normal appearance of the eye. On the other, it eliminates symptoms and vision restrictions. Removal of the pterygium protects the patient from complications that may be associated with this condition.


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