Eyelid surgery (two eyelids)

Eyelid surgery is a procedure used both for aesthetic and health-related reasons. The operation not only improves the appearance of the face, but also eliminates vision problems.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions to remove excess floppy skin and accumulated fat. Small scars after the surgery are completely invisible, because the incisions in the lower lid are made in the natural furrows of the skin, while in the case of the upper lids, they are made under the lashes, which then cover the scar.

When is eyelid surgery recommended?

- drooping eyelids
- restricted field of vision
- fat tissue prolapse

What are the benefits eyelid surgery?

This procedure helps rejuvenate the face by eliminating the problem of drooping eyelids, which may be congenital or develop with age. Very often these problems make us look tired and much older than we actually are. Thanks to the eyelid correction, your face will gain freshness and will look younger and more rested. The problems with a limited field of vision are also eliminated.


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