Surgery for ectropion and entropion

Ectropion (a rolled-up eyelid) is not only an aesthetic defect, but, almost importantly, a painful condition that may lead to recurrent inflammation and even degeneration of the cornea. Surgery in this case is the only treatment option and can effectively eliminate the condition.

Ectropion or entropion is a result of the ageing process. The direct cause of the disease is muscle weakness as a result of gradual atrophy of eyelid tissue. The surgery for ectropion or entropion involves removing excess skin and increasing the tone of the muscles and ligaments of the eyelid using very small stitches.

When is plastic surgery for ectropion or entropion recommended?

- redness and tearing of the eye
- pain
- infections of the cornea

What are the benefits of surgery for ectropion or entropion?

The procedure restores the normal functioning of the eyelid. It brings relief in such problems as pain and excessive lacrimation, and helps prevent eye infections. Therefore, it not only improves the patient’s comfort, but also protects the eye from serious complications that may be caused by ectropion.


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