Amputation of the cervix, uterus, or uterus and adnexa

This operation involves the removal of a portion (the neck) or all of the cervix (with its adnexa or without them). The procedure helps to stop a disease that might endanger the health or life of the patient.

The procedure, depending on the nature of the ailment and individual factors, is performed using an abdominal or vaginal approach. The surgeon cuts out tissue fragments affected by the disease, leaving in place those that are healthy. The surgeon then joins the remaining portions of the uterus with the mucous membrane. Before the surgery, cytology and colposcopy should be performed.

When is amputation of the cervix, of the uterus, or of the uterus and adnexa recommended?

- pelvic/ genital static disorders
- cysts
- hyperplastic changes
- malignant and premalignant lesions
- postpartum ruptures
- extensive erosions

What are the benefits of amputation of the cervix, of the uterus, or of the uterus and adnexa?

Removal of the entire uterus or a fragment of it stops the progression of pathologies. This way, consequences of the disease progression can be prevented, as they could otherwise become life threatening. In the case of cervix amputation, it is usually still possible to become pregnant.

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