Treatment of recurrent nosebleeds

Chronic nosebleeds can be very unpleasant for the patient, especially if they are frequent and massive. Surgery can successfully eliminate this condition.

We use two methods for treating nosebleeds at our clinic: electrocoagulation and radiofrequency (RF) ablation. Both require the use of specialised, high-tech equipment operated by an experienced surgeon. The choice of the method depends on the nature of the condition of the individual patient. Electrocoagulation involves closing blood vessels using a high voltage that is completely harmless to the patient. RF ablation achieves a similar effect through high-energy radio waves that remove ruptured blood vessels.

When is treatment of recurrent nosebleeds recommended?

Indications for treatment of recurrent nosebleeds:

- frequent and profuse nosebleeds
- lack of response to medical treatment

What are the benefits of treating recurrent nosebleeds?

Both methods are quick and painless – the patient is given anaesthesia before the procedure. Thanks to the specialised certified equipment and the experience of the operator, the procedure is both effective and safe.


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