Surgery for trigger finger

Trigger finger is one of the most-common causes of pain in the hand. It causes functional impairment of the hand and is most common amongst women. Surgery for trigger finger can successfully eliminate this condition.

The disease is usually caused by the development of a degenerative nodule of the tendon at the base of the finger, which begins to interfere with the normal motion of the joint as it grows. Initially, a snapping noise can be heard during movement of the finger. Over time, the functioning of the organ is impaired, reaching – in extreme cases – a point where moving the finger is no longer possible. The pathological thickening of the tendon is removed during the operation, and full functionality of the hand is restored.

When is surgery for trigger finger recommended?

- pain,
- restricted movement of a finger
- immobilisation of a finger

What are the benefits of surgery for trigger finger?

Surgery is the only effective treatment option for trigger finger. The procedure eliminates persistent pain and the patient’s hand regains its previous functionality, allowing the patient to perform normal daily activities.

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