Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the more-common neuropathic disorders and it impairs the normal functioning of the hand. Surgery is an effective way to relieve pain and restore full functionality of the limb.

Carpal tunnel syndrome manifests by pain and numbness in the fingers, which interfere with the patient’s daily functioning. Initially, the pain occurs mostly at night, preventing the patient from sleeping. With time, however, the pain also occurs during the day, interfering with the everyday activities. The disease is due to the compression of a nerve that leads to its degeneration. Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome restores normal blood supply to the nerve, so that it can regenerate.

When is surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome recommended?

- abnormal sensation, numbness
- pain in the wrist and fingers
- reduced function of the hand, difficulty holding items

What are the benefits of surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome?

After the nerve compression is relieved, the pain and numbness of the hand resolve and normal functioning of the hand is restored. Patients well-being also improves, as they no longer experience pain. Because the initial functionality of the hand is restored, the patient’s ability to work and perform daily activities also improves.

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