Skin conditions, wrinkles – Glikopeel

This is a medical peel performed with a glycolic acid formulation, used to reduce skin ageing, as well as acne and inflammations.

What are the characteristics of this therapy?

Glycolic acid therapy can be performed throughout the year, in periods of both high sun exposure and low temperatures. The formulation used also contains kojic acid, bearberry extract, white mulberry extract, and vitamins A and E, which makes it even more effective and gentle on the skin, as well as more comprehensive, working well in treating various skin imperfections.

When is Glikopeel used?

Glikopeel is recommended for:

- skin ageing
- fine lines
- comedones
- chloasma
- abnormal pigmentation

What are the benefits of this therapy?

The main ingredient – glycolic acid – has strong purifying properties essential to achieve glowing skin. The formulation also stimulates the skin (to reduce fine lines and wrinkles), protects (is anti-inflammatory and moisturising) and corrects (reduces hyperpigmentation).

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