Breast augmentation

This procedure is designed to restore or create a desired shape of a woman’s breasts. You can not only enlarge the breasts but also lift their line, improve firmness and change their shape, as well as reducing their size.

How is the procedure performed?

Breast augmentation is done by using round or anatomical implants. An experienced surgeon helps to choose the best method of breast augmentation, as well as the final breast size and shape to ensure the effect satisfies the patient and is best for her body type.

Who would benefit from this procedure?

Patients who:

- are not happy with their natural breast shape or size
- suffer from micromastia
- have undergone a mastectomy
- have lost their former breast shape after pregnancy

Breast augmentation advantages

The breast augmentation procedure gives the patient her desired breast size and shape, a satisfying overall body appearance, and improves self-confidence. It’s also a great opportunity for women who have undergone a mastectomy to reconstruct their breasts and regain their sense of femininity. The majority of patients undergoing breast augmentation experience increased life satisfaction.

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