Flexible restoration

A loss of dentition is very bothersome for the patient, as it not only causes problems with proper food chewing, but it is also an aesthetic problem. A solution to this can be provided in the form of a flexible restoration, which restores normal function and appearance of the teeth.

Flexible restorations are made of a flexible non-toxic material called Acetal-Dental, which is popular in dentistry. Restorations made from this material are very flexible and light. Their design is similar to that of traditional framework restorations. However, in contrast to the latter, they do not contain any metal elements. They are fabricated in a manner that ensures precise filling of the gaps in the patient’s dentition.

When are flexible restorations used?

- the loss of several teeth
- problems with proper chewing food
- unsightly nature of missing teeth

What are the benefits of flexible restorations?

By using this type of restoration, the patient regains the ability to grind food normally when eating. The flexible restoration is light and resistant to damage, does not cause gum irritation or allergies, and its appearance is more natural than the old-style, non-flexible restorations.

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