All-ceramic crowns (Press Initial GC)

All-ceramic crowns are currently the most-advanced achievement in prosthodontics. They do not have any metal elements that used to be present in the older types of crowns, and they are very durable.

The shape of the restoration is matched exactly to the shape of the tooth that the crown will be protecting. This is achieved by the treatment of the dental material using specialised equipment. The colour of the restoration is matched to the rest of the patient’s teeth, so it does not stand out. The crown is fixed with very strong composite cements, ensuring adequate stability.

When are all-ceramic crowns of the press type used?

- teeth badly damaged by caries
- teeth damaged by trauma
- visible front teeth

What are the benefits of an all-ceramic crown?

The all-ceramic crown is highly transparent, mimicking the appearance of a real tooth. It is very durable and has no metallic parts that could, for example, interfere with MRI. The crown provides the weakened tooth with full protection from further damage.

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